Vip Taxi Services in Crete F.A.Q's

Who are we and you should choose us?
We are a company that aims to cover all your needs for transportation to or from the airport, ports, stations, hotels and special location places. We give the ability to our costumers to plan their own trip or create a special excursion in Crete island. we provide safely econamically quality services for your holiday planing.
How can I reach you?
Use the application form that is located at the link below or simply call us at 2842028042 to 6938645634. we will be happy to hear from you..
Ιn case that my flight is delayed how can i reach you?
For your own convinience you dont have to call us for flight delays. Our employees monitor all airplane arrivals directly through the airport. If still there is any other reason, that you wish to contact our phone numbers are: 00302842028042 and 00306938645634 these phone numbers are also enlisted in our wewbsite, in our business card, and in your confirmation email.
If my flight arrives, but I can not locate the driver what should I do?
Once you get to the airport the driver will be there, holding a card with your name and the name of our company. Please for your convinience enable the mobile phone that was filled with your application form. Mind that it might take a few moments for your phone to be enlisted to a greek telecommunication provider but the process will be executed immidiatte and automaticly from your country’s provider. In the rare case you cannot find our driver please stay in the arrivals hall or at the pre-arranged meeting place and from there call our contact numbers 0030 2842028042 and 0030 6938645634
How do I request a child seat?
If you want our vehicle to be equiped with a child seat please send us a message in the special form when creating your reservation.
If I wish an extra service like, bodyguard security or a travel guide to acompany me?
The company will arrange a bodyguard or a travel guide or any other special request you might have. Please provide us with details and our emplyee will contact you for more information.